Renew Your Wood Furniture

Our furniture refinishing will make your furniture look beautiful in Goshen, IN

You've owned your wooden furniture for years, and you love the warmth it adds to your space. Still, it's seen better days. Maybe its shine has dulled over time. Maybe it's scratched and stained. Or maybe it just no longer matches the style of your home.

You can make a major change by hiring Better Finish = Better Looking in Goshen, IN for wood refinishing services. You can take advantage of our furniture refinishing services to add a new stain, paint or glaze to the wood. Call 574-606-7320 to get a free estimate on furniture refinishing.

Find out what we can do for you

We'll begin by collaborating with you on a wood refinishing plan for each piece of furniture. You can trust us to come up with a plan that produces the precise results you've been looking for.

You'll have the opportunity to share your:

  • Thoughts of the furniture's current look
  • Refinishing goals
  • Ideas, questions and concerns

Finally, we'll sand, paint or stain and glaze the wooden furniture. You'll enjoy furniture with a renewed, beautified appearance. Contact us now to begin your wood refinishing project.